• Jennifer Drucker


In the snow in Stony Brook Village.  Honestly, I felt like I wasn't going to make it.  The first ten minutes were the worst.  Heavy breathing, snow in my face, my feet felt like the weighed 100 pounds.  Still I kept going.  Up, over and down hills, 2 mile mark.  I kept going.  Straight away, harbor to my right.  It was quiet then, peaceful. The snow no longer blowing in my face, my breathing and the rhythm of my feet were all I could hear now.  Someone I had passed earlier in the race, now just passed me.  'Just get to the end, you are almost there'.  My friend Jennifer and a friend of her's Charlotte were there, 'Come on Jenn, keep going'.  Relief.  I finished.  I Didn't bring my camera.

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